As you may know, in Nicequest we always give you the opportunity to turn your Shells into gifts, or to transform them into support for special solidarity causes.


This month we want to introduce you a great solidarity project in which you can make the most of your Shells! Improve the health of the children of Yemen.

Help Unicef in this serious emergency situation that is threatening millions of children in Yemen. Support the treatment and help prevent cholera outbreak of 1,170 children, providing them with safe water for a whole year.

This disease particularly affects children under the age of 15 and accounts for 25% of deaths. So far there have been 330,000 suspected cases of cholera. Thus, Yemen is now facing a new health crisis that has led to more than 1,700 deaths.

Share this post and help us reach the 100% faster. And follow the status of the project live on the Worldcoo website.

Join us in this special project! You’re just one click away.


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