Congo has a very difficult social and economic context in which its high rate of unemployment, especially among young adults, is a critical issue. This issue is accompanied by a growing phenomenon in African society of children from the streets that do not have access to quality training and subsequently are not able to find a job.

With Nicequest, you now have the opportunity to help! Turn your Shells in and participate in this solidarity project that aims to improve the future of Congo’s youth by training them and increasing their chance of obtaining employment.

New solidarity project: Youth labor insertion in Congo

Youth labor insertion in Congo: nicequest solidarity project

By cooperating with Worldcoo, you will be able to help young people gain access to the job market and cover their family’s needs by increasing their income. With the funds collected by this project, 40 young adults will have access to professional training courses.

Visit our website now and learn how you can help make an impact for this great cause!

Our latest solidarity project is now complete!

In addition, we’d like to thank all our members who helped UNICEF vaccinate 8,000 children against polio in Nigeria. Thanks for your kindness and effort, this project has been completed successfully!

Nicequest Unicef against Polio. Solidarity project funded

If you are a Nicequest member who is willing to help and wants to participate in more donations, visit our web now and check out all our solidarity projects!

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