Have you received a #niceGift at home? If so, would you like to express your opinion about it? Awesome! We’d love to hear from you.

Share your opinion about the gifts you get

If you got Shells taking part in our online surveys, and you redeemed them for a gift that you love at our online shop, you can now let the world know if you got a 5-star reward! Rate and write reviews about the gifts and free rewards you get taking online surveys.


Wanna rate your last gift now? Just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Visit nicequest.com and log in

US nicequest login

2. Look up the gift you received in our online shop

nicequest online shop

3. Click on the “Rate Your Gift” button


rate nicequest gift.png

Now you can let the world know your opinion about this gift. Give it a rating, a title and share your opinion. Help other #niceMembers decide if this is the gift they’re expecting!

gift opinion nicequest


If you need assistance rating or reviewing the gift you redeemed at Nicequest’s online shop, you can take a look at our Instructions.

instructions for rating nicequest gift.png


Have you exchanged your Shells for gifts? Visit our website and let your voice be heard! 😉

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